Project Description

Mental Health First Aider Network

Ongoing support and education

The pandemic has taken a toll on the nation’s wellbeing with record numbers experiencing poor mental health. Now is the ideal time to ensure that your mental health first aiders are supported and ready to assist with this challenge.

Our education and support programme for mental health first aiders helps organisations prioritise mental health at work. The programme provides ongoing learning and development with specific focus on mental health first aid and workplace wellbeing.

Participants benefit from ongoing support to help them apply their knowledge and practical skills in real-life situations. This improves their ability to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill-health and provide appropriate support on a first aid basis.

Each programme is based on the unique needs of your people and your business with options to include:

  • review of progress and impact of mental health first aiders

  • surgeries to discuss challenges and successes

  • mental health first aid and wellbeing skills practice

  • upskill workshops and masterclasses

  • self-care for mental health first aiders

  • help to coordinate and manage your network of mental health first aiders


  • suitable for a variety of mental health first aid and wellbeing trained staff

  • improved support for your mental health first aiders, champions and leads

  • improved mental health first aid support to staff

  • increased organisational knowledge and confidence in dealing with mental health issues

  • support for wellbeing initiatives and culture change

  • promotes early intervention and supports recovery

  • demonstrates a commitment to staff mental health and wellbeing

Programme details:

  • participants: mental health first aiders, champions and wellbeing ambassadors

  • minimum of 8 participants

  • format: live online or in-person

  • initial needs assessment

  • programme length and content to be agreed with client

  • led by experienced MHFA Instructor and associates

To discuss how your organisation would benefit from training and support, contact

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A safe environment

“The trainer created a really safe environment to discuss a difficult subject. Esther is very knowledgeable and reassuring. It’s a great course and inspires empathy and confidence…”​


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