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Your Mental Health & Wellbeing Partner

Since the first lockdown, record numbers of employees are experiencing stress and poor mental health.  Depression has more than doubled and anxiety has increased significantly as has loneliness among younger people. It’s estimated that the yearly cost of poor mental health is equivalent to £1300 per employee in the UK.

Many businesses are now concerned about how best to support their managers and staff but aren’t sure how to have conversations about mental health.  Some are worried about getting it wrong, the legal implications and the impact on their reputation and bottom line.

I help businesses talk about mental health and turn employee wellbeing into a strategic advantage.  As a mental health trainer, clinical nutritional therapist, mindfulness teacher and yoga instructor, I have in-depth knowledge of wellbeing.

I help managers to develop the knowledge and skills they need to support employees.  I also equip employees with practical knowledge and tools to support themselves and others.

Thrive and Well’s services include wellbeing audits, mental health training, coaching, nutrition, yoga and meditation.  I work with a number of training facilitators who are handpicked and highly skilled.

Esther Thomas, Founder – Mental Health Training, Nutrition and Self-care

Esther is Thrive and Well’s founding director.  She is also an experienced health and wellbeing trainer and facilitator. Her expertise includes mental health first aid, suicide prevention, clinical nutrition, yoga and mindfulness.

Esther trains people from a range of corporate, public, education and third sector organisations. In addition, she is an Associate Mental Health and Wellbeing Trainer at the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust Recovery College.

Esther delivers ‘nutrition for mental health’ sessions to Mental Health First Aid England’s trainee instructor cohorts.  She also provided mental health first aid support to the BBC production ‘You Don’t Know Me‘…

Associate Trainers

Teresa Wort – Mindfulness and Compassion

In 2012, following a diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis, Teresa began to practice mindfulness and compassion and found that it helped tremendously with pain management. She discovered that regular practice also helped her to manage her anxiety caused by idiopathic anaphylaxis.

In 2015, Teresa experienced a life changing accident. While awaiting the emergency services, her mindfulness and compassion practice helped her to stay calm and manage her pain. It also supported her throughout her 18 month recovery…

Yvonne Henrietta – Restorative & Hatha Yoga

Yvonne has practiced yoga since 2006 and has taught since 2018. She is a popular and highly regarded yoga instructor who teaches a range of online and in-person corporate and studio-based classes. Yvonne’s teaching style is welcoming and inclusive and caters for all abilities, students are given the option to remain in the initial stages of each pose or progress to more challenging stages…

Yvonne’s hatha yoga classes are mindful, grounded and alignment centred with a conscious breath to support relaxation and focus. Yvonne is also passionate about restorative yoga and the benefits for mind and body.  The practice supports the nervous system to shift from “fight or flight” into…

Bespoke sessions and programmes

Our courses can be delivered online or in-person and we have options for both individuals and groups. As well as branded courses, we design bespoke workshops and programmes to suit your needs and provide a supportive environment for staff to learn together.

We have courses in the following categories and some of our courses are listed below:

10 out of 10

“Esther was a supportive, understanding and encouraging coach. The experiences and the guidance she shared made all the difference – it was a pleasure to spend my two training days with her! 10/10 recommend.”

Some of our courses and sessions