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Bespoke workplace wellness – London and online

A record number of employees are experiencing stress and poor mental health.  

Many businesses are now concerned about how best to support their managers and staff but aren’t sure how to have conversations about mental health.  Some are worried about getting it wrong, the legal implications and the impact on their reputation and bottom line.

To help you meet these challenges, we offer bespoke online and in-person wellbeing sessions and programmes designed around your needs. 

Bespoke sessions include the following topics:

  • stress awareness

  • supportive mental health first aid conversations for managers and staff

  • wellbeing coaching

  • nutrition for brain and mental health

  • connection and belonging

  • emotional intelligence and self regulation

  • authenticity and boundaries

Benefits of training

  • healthier and happier teams

  • support for mental, physical and emotional health

  • insight into personal wellbeing

  • support to build lasting self-care habits

  • improved employee resilience

  • increased engagement and productivity

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Brought it to life

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