Workplace Wellbeing

Supporting employee mental health and wellbeing

With the unique challenges posed by the pandemic, supporting employee mental health and wellbeing has never been so important.

Rising stress, poor mental health and conditions such as depression and anxiety mean that employees are more likely to experience stress and mental health issues at work.

Benefits of training

Our workplace wellbeing courses can be delivered online or in person and we have options for both individuals and groups. With our courses and programmes tailored to meet your business needs and lasting from between 30 minutes and 3.5 hours, we create a supportive environment for staff to learn together.

What we offer bite-sized wellbeing sessions, courses and webinars that:

  • help to create healthier and happier teams

  • support mental, physical and emotional health

  • increase understanding of wellbeing e.g., stress management techniques

  • encourage employees to build lasting self-care habits

  • improve employee resilience

  • increase employee engagement and productivity

  • integrate wellbeing into existing ways of working


Between 30 mins
to 3.5 hours


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Brought it to life

“Thanks Esther for the excellent delivery of the program that really brought it to life for us”​

Workplace Wellbeing Courses