Project Description

Managing Stress and Uncertainty

Feel calmer, happier and more in control

Stress is a natural part of being human. It can help to motivate us and keep us safe from danger. Excess stress is a major driver for mental and physical ill-health and sickness absence.

As we navigate uncertain times, the ability to manage stress and its impacts is an essential element of self-care.

The content and focus of this stress management session are tailored to meet your learners’ needs.  Typically, learners will gain an understanding of:

  • the definition of stress

  • the causes and impact of stress

  • how to develop resilience and reduce your vulnerability to stress

  • useful stress management techniques

  • stress and uncertainty


  • a better understanding of stress and common stressors

  • ability to identify when you may be experiencing the effects of stress

  • insights and tools to protect your mental health and wellbeing

  • improved mental health

  • help to reduce anxiety and feelings of overwhelm

  • feeling calmer, happier and more in control

Programme details:

  • participants: up to 25

  • format: online or in-person

  • led by experienced facilitator

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