Food, mood and mental health

Eat well for mental health and cognitive function

This informative and engaging workshop focuses on nutrition to protect and promote good mental, emotional and cognitive health. Attendees explore the impact of nutrition and why it is as important to mental health as it is to physical health.  We explore the key nutrients that support mental health and cognitive function and the risks posed by poor nutrition.

Good nutrition is a key component of self-care.  It can help us avoid symptoms of poor mental health and is essential to managing conditions such as anxiety and depression.


  • promotes good mental, emotional and cognitive health

  • increases awareness of nutrition for mental health

  • actionable tips to protect mental health


  • delivered by a qualified nutritional therapist

  • 60-90 minutes

  • online via Zoom

  • participants: Up to 16 or one to one session

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60-90 mins



A safe environment

“The trainer created a really safe environment to discuss a difficult subject. Esther is very knowledgeable and reassuring. It’s a great course and inspires empathy and confidence…”​