Mental Health Skills for Managers

How to have conversations about mental health

A record number of employees are experiencing stress and poor mental health and, increasingly, managers are expected to provide support to their team members.

Many businesses are now concerned about how best to support their managers and staff but aren’t sure how to have conversations about mental health.  Some are worried about getting it wrong, the legal implications and the impact on their reputation and bottom line.

This session is designed to equip managers with the knowledge and skills they need to have productive conversations about mental health and wellbeing.

This session is bespoke and typically covers:

  • an awareness of common mental health concerns.

  • the impact of stress and other factors affecting mental health.

  • spotting the signs that someone may need support.

  • helpful listening skills.

  • a framework for conducting mental health conversations.

  • manager as wellbeing leader

  • resources for signposting towards professional support.


  • provides managers with knowledge and tools to support team members with their mental health

  • increases knowledge and confidence to support those experiencing mental health issues

  • encourages conversations and openness about mental health

  • increases mental health awareness and literacy within the business


  • Delivered by a mental health trainer

  • Live online via Zoom or in-person

  • typically 2.5 hrs or a series of workshops


2.5 hrs



A safe environment

“The trainer created a really safe environment to discuss a difficult subject. Esther is very knowledgeable and reassuring. It’s a great course and inspires empathy and confidence…”​