The link between poor mental health and money problems has never been more apparent. With the rising cost of living, the number of people facing financial difficulties has increased significantly.

According to analysis by the University of Bristol, 1 in 6 UK households (4.4 million) are now in ‘serious financial difficulties’, compared to one in ten (2.8 million) in October 2021.

‘Researchers found people were using a variety of methods to tackle rising energy bills, since the start of January 2022:

  • 31% had reduced the number of showers/baths taken.
  • 60% had avoided turning on the heating.
  • 33% had reduced use of the cooker/oven.
  • 24% had heated only part of their home.’
  • 50% of households are worried about how they will pay their gas and electricity bills.

Worrying about money can have a detrimental effect on your mood, sleep, energy levels, concentration, work, relationships and self-esteem.

Having a job does not preclude you from having money worries, many working people are struggling with the added pressure on their finances.

In addition, frequent accounts of people going without food can also increase money anxiety.

There is still much stigma and shame associated with financial difficulties. Making it part of your workplace mental health and wellbeing conversations and sharing resources will help to encourage people to seek support.

Looking after you

If you are facing money difficulties, it is important to face your fears and seek help to prevent problems from worsening.

  • Seek advice and support from organisations that will help you to manage your situation and reduce pressure on your mental health (see below)
  • Avoid unhelpful coping mechanisms such as excessive alcohol and recreational drugs
  • Stay active – exercise regularly to support your mental health and wellbeing
  • Avoid isolating – maintain relationships and seek support from friends, family and colleagues where possible

Where to get help

The organisations listed below provide confidential advice and resources to help people with money difficulties:

To discuss how your organisation would benefit from training and support, email

You can also check out our mental health at work training options.