Mental Health At Work

Bespoke and Mental Health First Aid England training

Mental ill-health is responsible for approximately 70 million working days lost every year.

As we get used to new ways of living and working, support for mental health at work is in high demand. Research carried out by the CIPD in 2021 found that 80% of employers were concerned about the impact of the pandemic on the mental health of their employees. 

Stress, anxiety and depression are major causes of sickness absence in the UK.  According to official figures, all three have increased significantly since the start of lockdown.   

In early 2021, one in five adults experienced depressive symptoms, more than double that seen before the pandemic (Office for National Statistics).

Talk to us about upskilling your staff and increasing your organisation’s level of mental health awareness and competency.  We offer the following training to help you prepare your managers and staff for the challenges ahead:

  • bespoke mental health training sessions and programmes

  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England training courses

  • Suicide First Aid training courses

Attendees learn about common mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety as well as the impact of stress on mental health. They also learn about self-care, how to have conversations about mental health and how to support themselves and others. 

Benefits of training:

Workplace mental health training helps to:

  • encourage conversations and openness about mental health

  • raise mental health awareness and mental health literacy

  • reduce stigma and discrimination around mental ill-health

  • increase knowledge and confidence to support those experiencing mental health issues

  • promote early intervention which lead to better recovery outcomes

  • increase understanding of self-care and how to protect and improve one’s own mental health

Our mental health at work courses are featured below.  To discuss how your organisation would benefit from training and support, email


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A safe environment

“The trainer created a really safe environment to discuss a difficult subject. Esther is very knowledgeable and reassuring. It’s a great course and inspires empathy and confidence…”​

Mental Health At Work Courses