In the course of my work, I provide mental health and wellbeing training and support for various people and organisations.

Recently, I was able to offer mental health first aid (MHFA) and self-care support to the cast and crew of the incredible BBC drama ‘You Don’t Know Me‘. It never crossed my mind that I would be listed in the credits of such a popular and compelling drama series, after all, I’m not an actor, director or producer. Imagine my surprise when I received a text and screenshot from the Series Producer informing me that I’d been listed in the credits for all four episodes!

Of course, this is a lovely boost to my career and business but, more to the point, it helps to highlight the work that I believe in and choose to do on a daily basis.

The Series Producer, herself a mental health first aider, boasts a long and impressive career in film and TV. She believes it’s important to show that mental health first aid support is available and can be offered to the cast and crew of TV and film productions.

Something I learned from this experience is that, as well as the more common workplace stressors, the cast and crew of a TV/film production may be deeply affected by the subject matter and the mental and emotional energy involved in bringing characters and stories to life.

Of course, in reality, mental health first aid training and support is effective across industries and sectors and the benefits shouldn’t be confined to those who work in offices.

Mental health first aid helps to:

  • provide initial support to someone experiencing poor mental health and signposting to professional support

  • raise mental health awareness and mental health literacy

  • reduce stigma and discrimination around mental ill-health

  • increase knowledge and confidence to support those experiencing mental health issues

  • encourage conversations and openness about mental health

  • promote early intervention which enables recovery

  • increase understanding of self-care and how to protect and improve one’s own mental health

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